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Black Josei Press

Gordita: Built Like This - Digital Comic

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Gordita: Built Like This has two versions available: 

  • An ENGLISH and SPANISH Teen+ version that contains profanity
  • A PG-13 version without profanity 
  • The English versions contain some Spanish dialogue 

Gordita: Built Like This is an autobiographical comic by Daisy “Draizys” Ruiz, published by the award-winning publisher Black Josei Press. In this 28-page color comic, we follow Gordita, a young Mexican-American teenager who lives in The Bronx. She’s judged for having no ass by classmates, strangers, and even family. Gordita struggles with low self-esteem and body dysmorphia. But, through her friendships with other girls who are also getting bullied and mentorship with her guidance counselor, Gordita, begins to speak up for herself and see that she is more than just her body. 

Daisy shared Gordita’s influences with Casita Maria, “[It] reimagines my experiences and surroundings through a lens of enchantment. My work persists to see the beauty and magic of everyday life in the hood despite the grim realities of low-income living. My illustrations often tap into the nostalgia of the early 2000s, capturing the fashion, music, and aura of my youth. I use my illustrations to tell the story of nuanced moments of my upbringing in the Bronx, narrating experiences of body shaming in adolescence and the search for acceptance within white-dominated alternative interests.”

Daisy started this comic as a 6-page black and white comic called "Built Like Spongebob," which was created for and displayed at NYU's exhibition, ¡Oye! Cuéntame un Cuento. Daisy’s first solo exhibit in Casita Maria in The Bronx featured pages from Gordita as well (and was even visited by AOC). The comic has already been featured in Polygon’s must-read comics of the rest of 2022, Telemundo, The Bronx Daily, and BronxNet

Descripción en Español: 

En este comic autobiográfico por Daisy Ruiz, seguimos a Gordita una joven Mexico Americana que vive en el Bronx. Ella es juzgada por no ser voluptuosa por sus compañeros de escuela, extraños, y hasta su propia familia. Gordita sufre con baja autoestima y dismorfia corporal. Pero, la Amistad que tiene con otras niñas y la mentoría de parte de su consejera, Gordita, empieza hablar por sí misma y ver que es mas que su cuerpo.


Bronx Recognizes Its Own Award 2023 (BRIO)

2023 Igantz Award Winner for Outstanding Comic

Gallery Exhibits:

Casita Maria Exhibit, open until March 10, 2023

¡Oye! Cuéntame un Cuento | NYU


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About Daisy Ruiz: 

Daisy Ruiz, better known online as @Draizys, is a Bronx-bred Illustrator, Founder, and Creative Director of the award-winning compilation zine Deadass Tho NYC. Her illustrations take inspiration from her 5-year-long Scene phase, her East Coast Chicana upbringing, and everyday NYC living, to name a few. 

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