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We love comics, especially indie mini-comics. There's a ton of comics we love that we didn't publish and want to share them with you! 

The comics below, listed in no particular order, are print and digital mini-comics that are self-published, webcomics, published by an indie press, or originally featured in an anthology. 

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  • Any comic with "(CW)" noted at the end of the blurb has a content warning. Most of the comic pages list the content warnings, so please read the full description. 
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Follow Mimi on her adventure to see if she'll find love in space.
By Niv Sekar | Buy: $12
An aspiring birth-worker finds themselves mixed up in a millennia-old conflict between the powers that be.
  • Love In Space: Follow Mimi on her adventure to see if she'll find love in space. 
  • UM: An aspiring birth-worker finds themselves mixed up in a millennia-old conflict between the powers that be. CW: Nudity
  • The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere (TUOATEON): Lúcio and Sonia decide to leave their lives behind and go on a road trip after struggling to control destructive powers they’ve suddenly gained.
  • CTRL OPTION SHIFT: When a helpful AI goes to retrieve information requested by a hacker, how can she know what is free will and what is a program?
  • Cut Open: A comic about Kameron's top surgery journey and his thoughts about the process, and what he wants other people who want top surgery to know.
  • Fart Stories: Stories about farting in inappropriate places.
  • My Voice: An artist, looking for an answer to their struggles, visits a fortune teller. CW: implied assault
  • Darlin' and Her Other Names - Part 1: Marta: The first installment of a werewolf-western-horror-romance comic set across Colorado and Kansas in 1881. CW: violence, gore
  • Where I End and You Begin: Bobbi receives a cursed letter from their estranged friend and chooses to see them once again.
  • smallness: A young engineer struggles to cope with a mistake that sends her dreams crashing down around her.
  • Living Heroes: Short stories starring beloved Marvel heroines living in a superhero kind of world who are glad to have their girls.
  • Tetra2u Chapter 1: Tetra's Joint: i was at the shop and this really cute cutie came in and it was love at first sight. if ur out there INBOX ME! xoxo, tetra <3 (CW)
  • NIGHT THINGS: Two teenage witches use glamour magic during their school's Valentine's Day dance.
  • M I M O S A: A horror comic featured in the BLACK WATER Horror Anthology. CW: Body horror, gore
  • Real Chinese Food: A comic about diaspora identity, shame, racism, and assimilation.
  • Love FoolMaria agrees to find more customers for two girls from a love-for-hire agency in exchange for them finding her true love.
    • LA ENFERMEDAD: In an inpatient program, Naomi struggles with identity, reality, and trauma. A mysterious gateway beckons. CW: Child abuse, self-harm, and insects
    • Itching, Itching: A Black woman's apartment starts shrinking after her white neighbor moves in.
      • First Moon Final Sun: A comic about things we bury deep down.
      • I Thought I Saw A Deer Last Night: A man nearly runs over a creature in the middle of the night, and ends up following it deep into the woods. CW: Gore
        • Rhapsodie: A rising superstar who seems to be hiding something, and a journalist who wants to find out what that is. CW: Gore
        • Girls Steal Your Beauty: Several feminist horror mini-comics on the theme of the author's fears of motherhood, childhood, and aging. CW: Suicidal ideation, violence, birth trauma, death
        • The Bride's Quarry: The Bride is on a very important quest. It will lead her over mountains and earn her a new friend.
        • Lakeview Crew: Heavy Holidays: A one-page comic about a girl talking to her incarcerated mother for Christmas over the phone.
        • Speak Africanismos: This comic explores the African roots and presence in the Spanish language.
        • I Am Enough: A one-page comic about being enough.
        • Bad Blood: A short comic about kids, mosquitoes, and sin.
        • Knew She Could Do It: She knew her friend could do it.
        • STLT: KIT must decide if they should descend to Earth to restart life or live within a satellite monitored by an AI.
        • Cheeseit: Small Rat, Strange City: We follow bike courier, Cheeseit, as she pedals around the neighborhood, delivering packages to various clients.
        • How are you really?: About community, chronic illness, self-worth, and platonic love.
        • Oyin and Kojo: A Black-British cartoon series about a young couple that captures hilarious and relatable moments.
        • Stories from the Boogie Down: An excerpt from a collection of short stories depicting the hilarious uniqueness that is the Bronx, New York.
        • Resenter: Chapter 1: After Jackie is killed she wakes up in a transitional space where she meets a Ripper who presents her with a tantalizing offer.
        By Aaron Reese & Various Artists | Webcomic
        • BytchcraftThree queer Black wytches experience a journey into self-discovery.
        • Flower Girls: What happens to magical girls after they stop being girls?
        • The FoyerThe Foyer is the anteroom of the afterlife. An unnamed guardian greets the dead who are about to be sorted into heaven, hell, or somewhere else entirely.
        • Face Fatigue: A body and psychological horror comic about having a flawed relationship with yourself and looking for saviors in media and beauty standards.