Black Josei Press is an award-winning indie comic book publishing company focused on celebrating comics by and for people of color from marginalized genders and sexualities. 

Black Josei Press is heavily inspired by josei manga and primarily publishes comics for grown folks, but we also have comics for all ages. We hope to change the comic landscape for the better by providing a space for creators like us to tell their stories.

We were founded in 2018 by the Black, Latinx, Queer, and disabled comics writer Jamila Rowser. We are based in Miami on the traditional land of the Tequesta, Seminole, and Taíno. 


Awards & Accolades

Best Writer | Broken Frontier Awards 2021 

Best One-Shot | Broken Frontier Awards 2021 

The Very Best Comics of 2021 | The Nerdist

2021 Creator Award Winner | Oolite Arts

Best short-form comics of 2016 | The Comics Journal

2019 DINKy Award for Best Floppy Comic

The Best Comics of 2018 | The Comics Journal


Press & Reviews

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