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Black Josei Press

Sun and Sand Comic Anthology 2020

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You can read the 2021 anthology for free here.

The comic is free; you just have to pay for shipping and the $1 cost covers handling and Paypal fees.  

Sun and Sand Comic Anthology highlights comics by cartoonists in South Florida.

Black Josei Press and Radiator Comics have teamed up to publish an anthology by South Florida cartoonists about the region’s unique characteristics. Our 2020 anthology features eleven new comics about the region, its people, its wildlife, and its foods!

The 2020 anthology and a portion of the 2021 anthology were made possible with the support of The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Creators: Estrella VegaAllison C.M., Noelle Mongcopa, Alec Porcayo, Hannah Gray, Nico Giraldo, Chika Pondexter, Felix, Alex Leshansky, Miguel Yurrita, Katt McCann, A. B. Fominaya, and Miriam Rae-Silver

Published and Edited by: Black Josei Press & Radiator Comics