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Please visit our shop to purchase the award-nominated Queer Adult comic Arrive In My Hands by Trinidad Escobar, which allows for the sale of mature content. This book is for readers 18+. The book is not available to purchase in this shop. 


About the book 

Arrive In My Hands is a 120-page collection of Queer mature comics by award-winning artist Trinidad Escobar (Be Gay Do Comics, The New Yorker, Ode to Keisha). It features 22 mature color comics, poem-comics, and illustrations beautifully written and illustrated by the Filipina cartoonist, poet, and musician.

The 120-page mature collection includes 7 brand new comics, 5 new illustrations, and 11 newly colored comics that were previously published by Trinidad. 

With this unapologetic book, Trinidad Escobar hopes to add to the growing conversations on Queerness, gender, liberation; and, she invites others to Arrive at liberation within themselves. 

Using poetry comics and speculative comics, Trinidad Escobar explores the power of the mature and her demisexual lesbian experience. These comics play and tease the reader with doses of temptation, waves of fantasy, and a bit of magic.

The artist finds the mature, unexpectedly, in apocalyptic scenes, touchless sex, revenge, voyeurism, and even decay. Trinidad invites others to Arrive as their whole being, sensitive to the world within themselves.

There are few books on Filipinas and lesbian identity due to centuries of systematic attempts to "tame" the Filipina. For many generations, this "taming" robbed, and continues to rob, Filipino people of sexual and gender identities. LGBTQ people continue to be marginalized and oppressed as subcultures within Filipino communities, including those in the diaspora. Those in power use the privileges of sex and gender to carry out oppressive practices, including silencing and erasure.

Arrive In My Hands is also Trinidad Escobar’s rebellion and response to the violent images of the hypersexualized and submissive Asian woman, free of colonial shame and judgment.

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Awards and Accolades:

Nominated for Best Comic Collection by Ignatz Awards 2022

Nominated for Promising New Talent by Ignatz Awards 2022

Nominated for Breakout Talent and Best One Shot for the Broken Frontier Awards 2022

Favorite Small Press Books of 2022 | Women Write About Comics


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