Gordita: Built Like This

Gordita: Built Like This

Written and Illustrated by: Daisy "Draizys" Ruiz 

Edited by: Jamila Rowser

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"Gordita: Built Like" is an autobiographical comic by Daisy “Draizys” Ruiz. In this 28-page color comic, we follow Gordita, a young Mexican-American teenager who lives in The Bronx. She’s judged for having no ass by classmates, strangers, and even family. Gordita struggles with low self-esteem and body dysmorphia. But, through her friendships with other girls who are also getting bullied, and a mentorship with her guidance counselor, Gordita, begins to speak up for herself and see that she is more than just her body. 

Daisy started this comic started as a 6-page black and white comic called "Built Like Spongebob" which was created for, and displayed at, the NYU's exhibition, ¡Oye! Cuéntame un Cuento. Since then, the comic was featured in Daiy’s first solo exhibit “Gordita: Built Like This” in Casita Maria in The Bronx.


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About Daisy Ruiz

Daisy Ruiz, better known online as @Draizys, is a Bronx-bred Illustrator, Founder and Creative Director of award-winning compilation zine Deadass Tho NYC, and a one-third of WOC art Collective Spicy Mango Comics. Her illustrations take inspiration from her 5 year-long Scene phase, her East Coast Chicana upbringing, and everyday NYC living, just to name a few. 

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