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We're very excited to announce that our founder Jamila Rowser received The Ellies award for a Black Josei Press project! Thank you Oolite Arts for investing in our project “Black Josei Magazine”!

The magazine’s name is, Gladiolus Magazine, and it will feature comics, essays, short stories, and more created by people of color from marginalized genders and sexualities. We're so grateful that we can work on this dream project thanks to the $25,000 Creators Grant from Oolite Arts

We're working on the magazine behind the scenes and expect it to be released in Spring 2023. Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to get updates! 

Why “Gladiolus”?

(Image from Foxee Designs)

The gladiolus flower, aka the sword lily, is native to South Africa, tropical Africa, Asia, and Mediterranean Europe. This flower was chosen to represent the Black Josei Press logo (created by Foxee Design) combined with a nib pen representing the “sword”. Our pen, whether for illustration or prose, is the way we fight and tell our stories in a world that tries to stifle them. We feel strongly that all stories are important; not just the stories of struggle and oppression, but about joy, silliness, love, autobio, mundane, and much more.

What to expect in the magazine

The content will fall under four broad categories: Comics, Community, Culture, and Care. Some of these examples will naturally overlap. We’re embodying a “for us, by us” mindset in Gladiolus, as we do with all Black Josei Press projects. Centering, and writing for us and our communities directly. Although others are welcome to engage with our work, we create free from the white gaze and cishet-male gaze. 

The stellar lineup of creators that'll be in the inaugural magazine!

Editor-in-Chief: Jamila Rowser
Project Manager: Jemar Souza
Proofreader: Victoria Johnson
Cover Artist: Sarula Bao


Sneak peek at some comics in progress

Rin Ascher

Lauren Franklin + Jamila Rowser